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Who We Are

CK Custom Accent & Feature Wall Design (CK Wall Design) is an exquisite interior wall design company based in Houston, TX. Our goal is to bring beauty and style by creating beautiful works of art on walls to accentuate any design style. 


Our company was built out of passion and love for art and interior design. Clinton is a passionate artist. His patience, dedication, and detailed disposition is the reason our designs are so flawlessly executed. Kerry’s love for interior design and quest to transform an ordinary home into a model, personalized home is how the business started.


Both registered nurses, Clinton and Kerry bring the same caring and client-focused service to every single client.



"❤️ We are soooo excited to add the details to our rooms! You guys are so efficient and meticulous at what you do. You listen to your customer and deliver! Thank you so much for helping us on our home journey!"


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At CK Wall Designs we offer a variety of accent wall designs. Whatever your design style, be it glam, farmhouse, industrial, eclectic, mid-century modern we have a design for you.

Schedule your consultation to get started on any of these custom designs:

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