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Who We Are


CK Custom Accent & Feature Wall Design (CK Wall Design) is an exquisite interior wall design company based in Houston, TX. Our goal is to bring beauty and style by creating beautiful works of art on walls to accentuate any design style. 


Our company was built out of passion and love for art and interior design. Clinton is a passionate artist. His patience, dedication, and detailed disposition is the reason our designs are so flawlessly executed. Kerry’s love for interior design and quest to transform an ordinary home into a model, personalized home is how the business started.


Both registered nurses, Clinton and Kerry bring the same caring and client-focused service to every single client.





"❤️ We are soooo excited to add the details to our rooms! You guys are so efficient and meticulous at what you do. You listen to your customer and deliver! Thank you so much for helping us on our home journey!"



At CK Wall Designs we offer a variety of accent wall designs. Whatever your design style, be it glam, farmhouse, industrial, eclectic, mid-century modern we have a design for you.

Schedule your consultation to get started on any of these custom designs:

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  • How do I get started?
    To get started we kindly ask that you book a consultation using the button below. During your consultation we will assess your space and discuss design options to bring your vision to life. We offer two types of consultation: 1. In-person for Houston and surrounding cities 2. Virtual for those outside of Houston
  • What are your prices?
    Our prices vary depending on the design and dimensions of the wall. The bigger the wall, and the more detailed the design, the higher the price. Our base price starts between $2500-$2800. For more on pricing see examples below. These are purely for reference Only; more accurate pricing will be determined after a consultation. This design on an average 8x10ft wall would fall in the base price range. This design depending on the size of the wall and any modifications made to the design would be above the base price, falling between $2800-$4500. Taller walls 18ft and above will be a higher price point. Custom designs, involving more detailed work like the one below start at $5000.
  • Do you travel?
    Yes, we travel outside of Houston. Minimum cost $5000. Travel fee is an additional cost and varies depending on the scope of the project.
  • Do you offer training?
    Yes, we have online and in-person hands-on workshops. Our in-person workshops are offered only in Houston for now. Online classes are available, they follow the in-person format, but are self-paced with immediate lifetime access. Once registered, you will have access to our private Facebook group for frequently lives, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities.
  • What makes your work different from everyone else?
    Firstly, our company is built on trust and integrity, we value our clients. The other reasons are: We offer a wide range of unique and innovative designs to suit different design preferences and aesthetics. We deliver quality work and excellent craftsmanship. Our most valued qualities are our patience, passion and commitment to the craft. While we work efficiently, we believe that each client deserves their personalized time. We never overbook so we never feel rushed, and this makes the world of difference (along with our skill of course) in delivering quality work every single time. We use only quality material. This is an investment, we build it to last and as such we use high-quality, durable materials. We provide exceptional customer service. You can count on us to respond in a timely, and clear manner. We have a strong online presence and are leaders in the niche. People look to us for the latest trends, and many have been inspired by our business model. We have trained over a hundred students and have traveled throughout the country working and training others.
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